Mission Statement


CETMONS is an independent, private organization comprised of institutions and individuals in academia, the military and other branches of government, and the private sector who are engaged in research, teaching, public education and outreach, policy-making, and policy advising on ethical, legal, social, and policy issues raised by emerging military technologies. CETMONS stimulates collaborative research and other productive activities among its members and assists them in sharing their work products and disseminating them to appropriate decision-makers and to the public.

What is CETMONS?

A multi-institutional organization dedicated to providing the basis for the ethical, rational, and responsible understanding and management of the complex set of issues raised by emerging technologies and their use in military operations, as well as their broader implications for national security.

Combines research, teaching, outreach, public service and participation in policy development in order to support creation of a secure, ethical, and rational future for national and global society in an era of unprecedented and complex technological evolution.


Technology developed for military purposes has the potential to deeply destabilize existing economic, social, military, cultural, and technological systems.

New weapons and means of fighting wars will introduce ethical dilemmas, and bring profound changes to all aspects of society. We must understand not just for their operational, but their strategic and cultural, implications.


Produce informative, responsible, and ethical responses to complex challenges arising from technologies driven by military and security needs.

Enable management of the complex relationship between emerging technologies and consequential social implications.

Enhance long term military advantage and national security


Crucial in today’s era of unprecedented and complex technological evolution.

Necessary to understand and support military operations and national security in a complicated, violent, and rapidly changing world.

Participating Centers